Pinellas Pub Ride

General Info

The following applies to ALL of our rides, additional info may be posted on a per-event basis depending on the route and theme that month.
  • All riders, and all types of bicycles, are welcome. You dont need to have experience or a fancy ride to join. Rides are always free. Theme participation is never required, but always encouraged.
  • This is a casual ride, not a race. We pace ourselves to keep the group together.
  • Emphasis is on having fun and making friends, riders are encouraged to bring a new friend next time.
  • Group safety is a priority. This means obeying all rules of the road, and RIDING AS A GROUP. Please pay attention to instructions given by group organizers and safety riders.
  • Headlights are required by law. Helmets and additional lights are recommended by common sense.
  • We try to arrange specials at each stop in advance. When available, please take advantage of these. They both make it faster for all riders to get their orders, and keep from overwhelming the bar/kitchen staff at our stops.
  • Be respectful of the establishments we stop at. This means gathering in an appropriate area (patio, deck, etc) when available, not leaving trash behind, and remember to tip!
  • We will be riding both the Pinellas Trail and public streets. When on the street keep in mind:
    1. If only one traffic lane, ride in the RIGHT HALF of the lane so cars can pass us.
    2. If more than one lane, we ride to the RIGHT, unless directed to move left for a turn.
    3. If there is a BIKE LANE, we use that lane, and UP TO the RIGHT HALF of the traffic lane.
  • The lead riders MUST stop at traffic controls. Be prepared to stop with them unless instructed otherwise.
  • HYDRATE: This is a casual ride, and we are not by any means setting a fast pace. But, if you are unaccustomed to riding, even this puts more strain on your body than it is used to. You need to remember to drink water, we ask all of the stops to make it readily available. Have some when you first get there, while you wait for your order of something other than water to arrive  ;)
  • MODERATION: This is also not a drinking contest, or quest to see how many it takes before you cant ride anymore. Your safety is our first concern. Please keep in mind we have multiple stops, maybe you can wait until the next one to have another. Be responsible, just like on any other night out. Ride responsibly, or call a cab if you must
    (Yellos Cab is easy to remember, 727-222-2222).

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