Pinellas Pub Ride

Current Ride Info

 Next ride: Saturday, January 25

ROUTE: Tarpon Springs
MEET UP: 5:30pm at Neptune Lounge, Safford Ave
STOPS: Lagerheadz Bar & Grill, Sawgrass Tiki Bar, DC’s DownTown

Alright folks! Here is your lineup. We have a new stop on this ride, everybody be sure to come out and say Hi to the newest Pinellas Pub Ride host. Lagerheadz and DC’s both have food for those interested.
Our theme this month is SPEAKEASY. Think 1920′s gangbusters and flappers.
Need inspiration? Go watch “The Great Gatsby”, “Chicago”, “The Untouchables” or a few episodes of “Boardwalk Empire”. Bonus prize for anyone who pulls off a Nucky Thompson costume…

Ladies, keep in mind you have more options than just flapper girls. Gentlemen, same goes for gangsters. And please, if part of your costume is a gun, either omit it or make damn sure its obvious its a toy.

Pinellas Pub Ride January 2014: Speakeasy 




Head and Tail Lights are REQUIRED BY LAW and are now mandatory on our rides, besides being necessary just out of plain old common sense.
Helmets may not be required, but are HIGHLY recommended. In over two years of monthly rides, we have only had two serious crashes, and in both, a helmet would have made a huge difference in protecting the rider. Don’t be dumb, a set of lights and a helmet cost less than your ER copay…

This is a casual ride, and we are not by any means setting a fast pace. But, if you are unaccustomed to riding, even this puts more strain on your body than it is used to. You need to remember to drink water, we ask all of the stops to make it readily available. Have some when you first get there, while you wait for your order of something other than water to arrive  ;)

This is also not a drinking contest, or quest to see how many it takes before you cant ride anymore. Your safety is our first concern. Please keep in mind we have multiple stops, maybe you can wait until the next one to have another. Be responsible, just like on any other night out. Ride responsibly, or call a cab if you must (Yellow Cab, 727-222-2222).

As always, please see our General Info and Current Ride Info pages for complete information.
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