The bars are waiting for us…

Okay folks, I just made the rounds to all of our stops and they can’t wait to see those sweaters, so lets not disappoint them! Think ugly, think tacky, think bedazzled.
Several of them have already offered up prizes, ranging from gift cards to bar swag, to prize baskets. You’re gonna have to step up to win, though. Impress your bartenders, they will be judging you. Tipping never hurts, either 😉
A few reminders, 3 of our 4 stops have food. If you plan on eating, please order early. Our first stop, Dunedin House of Beer, has an amazing beer selection. Real beers. If you only like crap beer, it’s not their fault you have bad taste, dont complain. For those less adventurous, they do serve Miller Lite, Bud Lite, Coors Light, and if you really hate beer, Mich Ultra…
Both Flanagan’s and Jolli Mon’s will have live music. Irish ballads at Flanagan’s (duh) and Island Vibe at Jolli’s (duh again). They will stick around a little longer for us at the end of the night, and Jolli Mon’s has full menu until 11 and late night snacks after that.
Hope you are all getting ready for the ride, and can’t wait to see you there!

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