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The bars are waiting for us…

Okay folks, I just made the rounds to all of our stops and they can’t wait to see those sweaters, so lets not disappoint them! Think ugly, think tacky, think bedazzled.
Several of them have already offered up prizes, ranging from gift cards to bar swag, to prize baskets. You’re gonna have to step up to win, though. Impress your bartenders, they will be judging you. Tipping never hurts, either 😉
A few reminders, 3 of our 4 stops have food. If you plan on eating, please order early. Our first stop, Dunedin House of Beer, has an amazing beer selection. Real beers. If you only like crap beer, it’s not their fault you have bad taste, dont complain. For those less adventurous, they do serve Miller Lite, Bud Lite, Coors Light, and if you really hate beer, Mich Ultra…
Both Flanagan’s and Jolli Mon’s will have live music. Irish ballads at Flanagan’s (duh) and Island Vibe at Jolli’s (duh again). They will stick around a little longer for us at the end of the night, and Jolli Mon’s has full menu until 11 and late night snacks after that.
Hope you are all getting ready for the ride, and can’t wait to see you there!

Where do I get a Tacky Christmas Sweater?

Are you excited about the upcoming ride, but not sure where to find a “tacky” sweater?

Here are some ideas. …

I asked my Grandma, “hey do you have any christmas sweaters that we could borrow?” I turned around and there were six sweaters there, and a box of ridiculous christmas accessories.
You can also try thrifts stores. There’s a few good ones that I know of. Last Chance near Innisbrook in Palm Harbor, and my favorite is Salvation Army in Holiday off US 19. As tacky sweater parties are becoming a new fad, there are plenty of places online that you can get them now too. Below are some links to online stores.

Don’t forget about dressing your bike!! There is no excuse on this ride. I was at dollar tree yesterday, and saw so many good items that can be put on a bike. You can spend $5 there and you will be able to deck it out.  Remember “Dollar Tree” EVERYTHING is a dollar!.

Here are some links.

Thrift Stores:
Salvation Army Family Store
2225 US Highway 19 North
Holiday, FL

Tel: 727-937-7841

Last Chance Thrift
36500 US Highway 19 North
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
(727) 787-8100

December’s Theme: “(another) Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and Santa Swap”

North Pinellas Pub Ride December poster, "Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and Santa Swap"

North Pinellas Pub Ride December poster, "Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and Santa Swap"

For December our ride theme will be “Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and Santa Swap”

So get down to the local thrift store and find yourself the most hideous bedazzled Cosby nightmare of a cardigan you can. And while you’re at it, pick up a $5-$10 gift to put in Santa’s sack. At the end of the ride, everybody who put one in gets a different one out!

Michele also has some fun stocking stuffers to give out to those who participate by wearing a tacky sweater, decking their bicycle, and group participation. (Hint: think craft stores)

We will be meeting at 5:30, don’t delay, we want you there early enough to gather gifts and get some pictures. Our route is: Dunedin House of Beer to Original Pinehurst Pub to Flanagan’s Irish Pub and back around to Jolli Mon’s Grill.
The route ends about a block from where we began, so it will be easy to get back to a car if you drove in.

With the exception of Dunedin House of Beer, the other stops all offer food. Do take advantage of this chance to try what our local places have to offer, a lot of it is really good! We do ask that if you are going to eat, you make your food order when we first arrive, so that you are not just getting your order when it’s time to leave. Try checking out their menus online ahead of time, just click one of the links above or to the right.

This is a casual ride, and we are not by any means setting a fast pace. But, if you are unaccustomed to riding, even this puts more strain on your body than it is used to. You need to remember to drink water, we ask all of the stops to make it readily available. Have some when you first get there, while you wait for your order of something other than water to arrive  😉

This is also not a drinking contest, or quest to see how many it takes before you cant ride anymore. Your safety is our first concern. Please keep in mind we have multiple stops, maybe you can wait until the next one to have another. Be responsible, just like on any other night out. Ride responsibly, or call a cab if you must (Checker Cab 727-444-4445).

As always, please see our General Info and Current Ride Info pages for complete information.

Got YOUR sweater yet? We do.


Now is the time. These things are just flying off the shelves.

December Route, Dunedin

North Pinellas Pub Ride December route through Dunedin
  1. 5:30pm Dunedin House of Beer
  2. Original Pinehurst Pub
  3. Flanagan’s Irish Pub
  4. Jolli Mon’s Grill

And since we won’t be riding on the Pinellas Trail, we don’t have to worry about the dusk rule. So we will NOT have to start earlier!

North Pinellas Pub Ride December route through Dunedin

North Pinellas Pub Ride December route through Dunedin, click for full map.