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Opinion Poll: October Ride


    Great Ride!

    Thanks to everyone for coming out last night, it was a blast. Saw some really good zombie makeup going on.

    Congratulations to our winners for Best Participation and Best Dressed Bike.

    Extra special thanks to Kelly Dixon, AIG Lawn and Landscape, and Dr Brian Williams for making our shirts possible.

    Thanks to Amanda and Amanda for the extra help with makeup.

    And big thanks to Doug @ The Zone Lounge, Charlie & Susan @ Sawgrass Tiki Bar, and Eddie @ Neptune Lounge for all being so welcoming of our group. Everyone looked to be having a good time, thanks to their efforts too.

    See you all again in November. Saturday the 12th, mark your calendar now.

    Zombies on Bicycles, stop 4, Neptune Lounge

    counted 65 saddles, plus the people that met us here to see Doyle’s Revenge. total of almost 90. kick ass. prize presentation to follow

    Zombies on Bicycles, stop 3, Sawgrass Tiki Bar

    79 deep and no wait! what an awesome place!

    Zombies on Bicycles, stop 2, Capt’n Jack’s


    69 counted seats, we all made it! 😉 plus a few!